Artists' Best Friends

Artists’ Best Friends ist eine Aneignung und Reinterpretation des 1953 von Marilyn Monroe gesungenen Musical-Klassikers Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Genderqueer und mit Bling-Bling ausgestattet performt annette hollywood den Song mit neuem Text und persifliert Geschlechter­inszenierungen und Rollenzuschrei­bungen. Humorvoll und selbstironisch wird zudem die Ambivalenz von finanziellem Erfolg und künstlerischer Anerkennung des Kunstschaffens verhandelt. So wedelt sich die Künstlerin mit der mit Solo-Show markierten Ein­ladungs­karte Luft zu, doch diese offenbart zugleich den Ort der Ausstellung: der Out Off Money Space.

Artists were bred to die for art they delight in starving cruel, but I prefer art life that lives and gives expensive jewels. Honor and fame may be quite continental but diamonds are artists’ best friends. A show may be grand but it won‘t pay the rental on your lofty flat, or help you at the automat. Men get sold as girls grow old and we all lose our charms in the end. Born rich or top seller art grows with each Heller, diamonds are artists’ best friends.. . . Saatchi’s . . .Guggenheim’s . . .Talk to me, Damien, tell me all about it! There may come a time when artists need ideas, so ideas are artists’ best friends? There may come a time whena high-flying art lover thinks you‘re awful nice,but pay that price or else no dice. He‘s your guy when your rank is high but beware when it starts to descend. It’s then that this ripper goes on to some hipper, diamonds are artists’ best friends. I’ve heard of ideas that are just idealistic,so ideals are artists’ best friends? But artwork that you keep economic are better bets if little pets get big baguettes. Art will follow and gets hollow and they count who’s flop and who’s top. But rank high or rank low—you can’t buy my ego, diamonds are artists’ best friends. But rank high or rank low—you can’t buy my ego my workflow, my self managed solo show, my trickiness, restlessness, my artist drive, my life, a diamond cut, not effective but reflective—pure, a cure. Shining, we are all stars,spirits in a material world.